Me prospect

Mr. prospect

it’s been a while you have seen the training you seen hug you serious well I thought you like residual that’s why you want to see this and it’s a small amount per month but there’s also a fast bonuses and I take it too hard on the fast bonuses because if you don’t get in until you think you need it that’s what you brought in the chamber and they

looked at a name saying that they only play one time there’s three different levels there’s a social Academy 147 and then we have the Platinum now it’s 497 then the very next one is

MTI that is so high ticket but it’s only one time purchase and if anybody sees us and they go and they go in for the first bonuses that means I will get to Sue and you would have passed up the commission wrong that’s why it’s important position but if you just want residual can you make 50% of your team I would say go in there right now so I am a dotted lineBecause I’m not leaving my team members by insults I work with the team and Franco everybody you bring in 50 % sales .

I should never pass up those bonuses but if you want residual I would sign it right now I did

But remember there is so much value that you get to also put did your bonuses for everybody else there is so much in MTI so check it out and remember